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City approved for Project CommuniTree, Forest ReLeaf of Missouri's free tree program


Executive Assistant Miriam Jones and Park Supervisor Trey Haragan applied and was approved for the Project CommuniTree, Forest ReLeaf of Missouri's free tree program.  Forest ReLeaf of Missouri operates the only nonprofit community-assisted tree nursery in the region. Since 1993, more than 200,000 trees have been planted throughout Missouri and Illinois - projects that have increased tree canopy in low-income areas, assisted with reforestation after major weather disasters and those undertaken to promote peace and healing in our communities. 

Over the last several years, the Roubidoux Park has lost several trees to flooding, lightening strikes, disease and infestation.  Because of this, natural shade within the park has become a rare commodity.  With the help of this program, the City will receive thirty (30) saplings of various species to replace the older trees we have lost.   Ten (10) each of the Willow Oak, Eastern Redbud and White Oak trees will be planted throughout the City's Park System.  With proper care and maintenance, we will be able to enjoy these wonderful additions for years to come.