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The Building Department is dedicated to serving the general public in the area of life safety matters pertaining to new  construction, remodeling, repairs, additions and demolition of industrial, commericial and residential buildings within the City limits of Waynesville.

City Building Codes

The Building Official is responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of adopted City codes.  This includes the review of building permits and construction to ensure compliance with the 2006  International Building and the 2006 Edition of the International Residential Code for One and Two-Family Dwellings.  Other duties include oversight of the residential and commerical occupancy inspection program, the inspection of sewer hookups, and code enforcement of general municipal codes.  

Listed below are the current adopted City Building Codes:


2006 International Residential Code for One and Two-Family Dwellings

2006 International Building Code

2006 International Fire Code

2006 International Mechanical Code

2006 International Plumbing Code

2006 International Fuel Gas Code

2005 NFPA National Electric Code

Building Permit Applications

For most building related projects inside City limits, permits are required.  This includes new construction, remodeling, upgrades and improvements to not only the structural part of a building but also the mechanical systems and any additional structures to be erected on the property.  If you are uncertain which permit application pertains to your project, you can reach out to the Building Official through email at



General Building Permit Application - Used for remodels, upgrades, fences and accessory buildings, etc.

New Build Permit Application - Used for both Residential and Commercial new construction.


Sign Permitting

Pole Sign Construction Permit

Facade Sign Construction Permit

Temporary Sign Permit


Specialized Permitting

2014 Zoning Map - City of Waynesville


Conditional Use Application - Used to apply for an exception to the property's zoning classification.  Example - Requesting a hair salon (which is authorized in Commerically zoned areas) to be allowed in a single-family home (which is classified as Residential).

Rezoning Application - Used to change the zoning classification of a property.

Variance Application - Used to request an exception, regarding building codes, regarding construction.


Notice of Public Hearing


Rezoning Request - The Summit Subdivision - August 18, 2021

Rezoning Request - 2009 Historic Route 66 West - July 13, 2021




Fence Regulations